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Your Talent Week Gives Children a Platform to Shine

News - 15 November 2021

Your Talent Week Gives Children a Platform to Shine

Lockdowns have affected extra-curricular activities for many children this year. We know that being involved in activities is beneficial for children, giving them confidence and expanding their knowledge. As children begin to reacquaint themselves with the activities they have missed out on, we want them to experience that sense of purpose, give them a platform to showcase their talent and boost their confidence in the process!

Your Talent week is the latest in-service initiative for Camp Australia’s Your OSHC services across Australia. Recognising that all children are unique and embracing their talents, each service has developed their own personalised program tailored to the children attending.

From 22 – 26 November, Your Talent week will bring out children’s creativity and their passion, showcasing their unique talents. So, no matter what interest a child may have, they have the chance to be in the spotlight, and share their skills with their friends and peers

We believe that, by encouraging children to share their interests, they will enhance their confidence to allow them to grow and shine. And that’s a major part of childhood.

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