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Discover the Magic of Your OSHC!

Give your child a Term 3 to remember at Your OSHC with creative Big Art Fridays, inspiring Art Competitions, and energetic showdowns in The Amazing Games. Plus, relive your own childhood with our 30-Year Celebration, sharing activities you loved as a kid!

30 Year Throwback

Featuring all mum and dad’s favourite games, activities, recipes and decorations from 90s!
A sample of what could be happening: • Hula Hooping • 44 Home • Twister • Fairy Bread • Jelly Cups • Chocolate Spiders • Relay Races • Pass the Parcel!

Big Art Fridays

From painting to creative writing and everything in between – every Friday in After School Care is your child’s chance to get together with friends and showcase their individuality.

Big Art Fridays | Your OSHC | Camp Australia
Big Art Comp | Your OSHC | Camp Australia

Big Art Comp

Don’t put away those art supplies just yet! We’re already gearing up for the Term 3 Big Art Competition. Stay tuned for more details and get ready to unleash your creativity once again.

Have a Go Olympic Challenge month

Join us in July for a month-long celebration of everyone’s favourite athletics competition! Dive into a world of active play, group games, art experiments, cultural journeys and more as we explore the excitement and spirit of the Olympics!

Have a Go Olympic Challenge Month | Camp Australia
The Amazing Games | Your OSHC | Camp Australia

The Amazing Games

From fun mini-games and competitions, to relay races and obstacle courses, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. It’s all about embracing the spirit of friendly competition and having a blast with friends! Join us on 24 July 2024. 

More amazing Term 3 Celebrations!

Celebrating Principal's Day | Your OSHC | Camp Australia

Celebrating Principals' Day

2 August 2024

Join us as we celebrate our wonderful Principals who guide and support our children as they learn, glow and flourish as individuals.

Science Week | Your OSHC | Camp Australia

National Science Week Fun

12 – 16 August 2024

Explore the world of innovation with exciting science experiments and awesome activities to inspire their inner inventor. 

Reading is Magic | Book Week | Your OSHC

Book Week: Reading is Magic

19 – 23 August 2024

Join us in Your OSHC as we celebrate the magic of Book Week with colourful displays, fun activities and storytelling that highlight the importance of reading for our children.

Father's Day Creations

26 – 30 August 2024

Celebrate Father’s Day at Your OSHC! Join us for art and craft creations, yummy snacks, and fun celebrations!