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30 Years of OSHC | Camp Australia

Celebrating 30 Years of OSHC

We are delighted to celebrate three decades of Guiding Children’s Growth in our Outside School Hours Care programs. We send our heartfelt gratitude to all the children, families and school communities who have journeyed with us, and eagerly welcome new families into our extended family!

30 Year Throwback

Join us at Your OSHC this term where we have a special event featuring all mum and dad’s favourite games, activities, recipes and decorations from 90s!
A sample of what could be happening: • Hula Hooping • 44 Home • Twister • Fairy Bread • Jelly Cups • Chocolate Spiders • Relay Races • Pass the Parcel!

Making a difference

Over the last 30 years, we have forged meaningful connections with over 475,000 children and become an integral part of over 1,800 school communities. This deep sense of belonging empowers us to create joyful moments for every child, every day, fostering their growth through play, learning, and sharing experiences.

Making a difference | Camp Australia

Empowering children beyond the classroom

Our journey began with a vision to create nurturing environments where children can thrive outside of school hours. Today, we are proud to say that we have not only achieved this vision but exceeded it, thanks to the dedication and passion of our educators and families.