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Christmas: Rejoice, Reduce, Recycle!

‘This season of gift-giving and festivities as we approach the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right Christmas in the corner. 

Continuing from our recent Rubbish Robots in Your OSHC, we encourage children to develop a deeper bond with the world around them and make environmentally conscious choices fun activities that involve recycling, upcycling and reducing waste.  

Let your child be a ‘sustainability champion’ during this holiday season by unleashing their creativity whilst having fun reusing and reducing Christmas rubbish! Let’s get in the spirit of recycling and explore fun ways to turn Christmas trash into treasure, such as creating an ‘inventor’s box’ or other activities for kids. 

What’s the Difference Between Recycling and Reusing?

While both are essential aspects of sustainability in our daily lives, recycling and reusing are quite different.

Recycling involves collecting and breaking down raw materials into unused or discarded materials, leading to an entirely new or different product. It helps in reducing the amount of waste produced and raw materials used.

On the other hand, recycling involves taking a previously unused or discarded item and repurposing it. It extends the item’s lifespan, minimises waste and doesn’t require further processing or production.

At Camp Australia, we’re big on recycling and reusing. We believe it plays an integral role in all communities and endeavour to treat ourselves and our planet with care – especially during the holidays. From upcycled playtime ideas to learning how to be sustainable, we believe we can make a positive difference in every child’s future.

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