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5 Fun Learning Ideas – a School Holiday Program for any Family

Blog - 08 July 2020

5 Fun Learning Ideas – a School Holiday Program for any Family

The school holidays are a reminder that sometimes we just need to slow down. Now is the perfect time to rest and rejuvenate. Most children enjoy a combination of rest and being entertained. Fortunately, kids holiday activities are at your fingertips and we’d like to share our ideal school holiday program with you. Read on for our top picks that encourage children to learn something new, whilst having fun during the holidays.

Explore Museums

Museums provide an effective way for children to learn, and there’s the added benefit of being able to enjoy some family time. Museums are places where children can gather information and ignite curiosity. Some museums have created spectacular virtual tours, so your child will enjoy choosing which country to visit virtually next!

Problem-solving is a practical skill that is used when exploring the experiences that a museum offers. Learning about art, history and culture is one of the most fascinating vacation care program ideas for children to immerse themselves in.

Reading is Rewarding

Promoting a regular reading routine, in turn, promotes healthy sleep habits. Ask your child what they are interested in reading about so that they are motivated to read each day. Reading not only improves their literacy skills but encourages imagination too. Reading is a kid holiday activity that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Reading different genres allows children to boost their creativity and imagination. Some children prefer to read the same books over and over again but getting them out of their comfort zone can also be beneficial when it comes to enhancing their writing skills and vocabulary.

Budget Boss

Teach your child a life-long skill – how to budget! Start with a trip to the supermarket to show our younger generation how to go about doing the weekly grocery shop. The learning really kicks in when you give them a budget for the week to plan out the meals to shop for.

Budgeting for meals teaches children about planning, cooking and, of course, how to sensibly spend their money! Be sure to check in with them, as there will most likely be plenty of questions to help guide them.

Once your child has completed their shop, another kids holiday program idea is to ask them to choose a favourite recipe to have free reign of the kitchen. If your child is younger, you could be their sous chef!

Top News Discussion

Discussion allows children to listen, analyse, think critically, empathise and problem solve.

Kids holiday activities that involve watching the news, of course should be age-appropriate and discussions can be guided by what parents feel their children will understand in a positive way. Have an open discussion with your child and share your opinions with each other.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Being Bored

Boredom often comes early so the trick is to catch it upfront! If you hear your child declare, “I’m bored!”, don’t be offended or disappointed. Children these days rarely experience boredom, from being involved with extra-curricular activities, to spending time on screens.

Encourage your child to be creative. Get them to enjoy their own company and collect their thoughts to just be. Help them to explore the great outdoors; it’s a way to connect with nature after all.

Kids holiday activities that offer both learning and fun components are a win-win for parents and children. Rocketeers is all about extraordinary school holiday adventures. You can check out some kids holiday activities here:

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