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Benefits of LEGO® Play for your child

Blog - 22 September 2023

Benefits of LEGO® Play for your child

Looking for a way to spark your child’s curiosity whilst encouraging their natural ability to explore and discover? Give your child a positive start to life with enjoyable activities that also nurture their brain development, improve hand-eye coordination, and help learn new skills.

LEGO play is a classic favourite with numerous benefits for growing children. LEGO blocks are enjoyed by children and adults alike, helping to develop fine motor skills and allowing you to be creative and problem-solve with a sense of accomplishment achieved.

Here are some benefits of playing with LEGO bricks for children:

Brain development

Much of what we do in adult life can be attributed to our childhood. Early childhood sets the habits, ways of thinking and how we express ourselves as adults. 90% of the child’s brain develops by the age of 5, and it’s a scientific fact that the more the brain is used, the better it develops. So, having your child indulge in fun, enjoyable activities such as playing with LEGO bricks will help promote positive brain development whilst enhancing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem solving skills, self-confidence and improved concentration.

Emotional development

Not only is playing with LEGO bricks or other construction toys a therapeutic, stress-relieving activity, but it also encourages children to express their feelings and thoughts through play. When children engage in pretend play (or role play) with their LEGO creations, they ‘act out’ different scenarios and converse in ways that are allowing them to interact with others (enhancing social skills) or learning to understand life and the environment around them.

Early learning skills

Being hands-on with LEGO bricks help children to learn about key early learning concepts, such as colours, shapes, and basic maths. Children learn different colours and shapes by sorting and building the blocks, as well as understanding the concept of maths and measurements, such as recognising ‘one more/one less’, ‘taller/shorter/longer’, ‘too many/not enough’ or ‘how many’.

Be part of something BIG with LEGO Play

We invite your child to unleash their superpower of play on World Play Day in Your OSHC on Thursday, 12 October 2023 by building worlds, making friends and leading epic adventures with the power of LEGO Play! Find out more about World Play Day here!

We have partnered with the LEGO Group and StarTime for an exclusive day of building fun and filming! Every child in Your OSHC across the country will STOP and PLAY. Plus, there are more awesome LEGO experiences happening throughout Term 4. Don’t miss out and book your child in today!

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