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CA WAY Framework

What is the CA WAY?

The CA WAY is a programming approach designed by Camp Australia to support team members in bringing programs to life that result in positive outcomes for children’s learning and experiences.

Camp Australia are transforming their organisation with a consistent, simplified approach to programming as they strive for program excellence. Programming the CA WAY is one of the most important operational activities of Camp Australia. It sits at the heart of how they deliver on their purpose of ‘helping families achieve their dreams’ with a mission of ‘being recognised as the leader in delivering extra-curricular learning outcomes for the children in our care’.

C – Collect

When creating a program for children, the first step is to collect data and information. In this most critical step, children’s interests, beliefs, and inputs are connected to the program. The information can be collected from the child, their family, their school, the community and from the educators’ observations.

A – Analyse

The second step is to analyse the information we have collected. It’s time to understand what has been collected and consider what experiences we could plan, as well as what learning outcomes we are looking to develop with the plan.

W – Write It Down

We need to write down and develop a plan by documenting and communicating the ideas. It requires careful planning and implementation to carry out the plan successfully.

A – Activate

This stage is about bringing the plan, our program, to life. This is where we put all the team’s energy into the children’s experiences and guide them in their learning journey. It involves deciding how we will go about achieving the plan and staying with that plan.

Y – Your Reflection

In this final stage of the CA WAY, it is time to create reflections. Reflection is where educators think about how the plan was activated and assess what worked and what didn’t. By reflecting on individual experiences and at a holistic level, we are supporting ongoing improvement and the delivery of service excellence through our program.

Who is the CA WAY for?

The CA WAY affects everyone within the Camp Australia organisation in meaningful ways.

  • Children thrive from an engaged programming cycle, where they directly benefit from the experiences that the educators plan and activate. They achieve learning outcomes that ensure their ongoing growth and development.
  • Families feel trust and satisfaction in the experiences that their children will have with Camp Australia. Children will want to come to OSHC; parents don’t experience stress, anxiety or guilt that they can’t be there during out of school moments. They can also pursue their work and own personal development with confidence.
  • The Community benefits from a service that aligns with the school’s values and approach to learning. The CA WAY programming supports a connection with the school and strong relationships where Camp Australia is an extension of the school.
  • Regulators recognize the importance of programming and chance from critiquing service delivery to advising and supporting a service with an embedded and documented programming cycle in place.
  • Educators feel a sense of purpose. The high standard of programming and expectation of service delivery can lift the professionalism and credibility of the role of educator within the service. It also assists in creating a calm and connected environment in which everyone feels safe and engaged.
  • Camp Australia will thrive when a service has an intentional, child-focused program delivered by passionate educators connected to their community.

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