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Crafting Connections on a Budget

The Importance of Creating Art Together as a Family on a Budget by Kerry Evitts Today, I will dive into the colourful world of creating art together as a family. It’s not just about creating art; it’s about building bonds, fostering creativity, having fun and making memories together—all without breaking the bank. So, gather your […]

Don’t Throw Out Your Boxes! Creative Box Recycling Ideas for Children

Encourage your child’s creativity and imagination with these eco-friendly craft ideas for recycling cardboard boxes. An empty cardboard box is filled with endless possibilities for a creative child, so don’t throw them away! Instead teach children about recycling and give your used cardboard boxes new life as a craft material or an imaginative play prop. […]

Eco-friendly Christmas Decorations

Each year, Christmas leaves us with great memories and gifts, but also a great deal of waste from wrapping paper, unwanted gifts and other packaging materials. Spread your goodwill this festive season by getting children involved in sustainable ways to decorate for Christmas. There are lots of ways to get the whole family to have […]

Create a Children’s “Inventor’s Box” for Recycled Crafting

Discover the magic of an “inventor’s box” to let children indulge their creativity using recycled packaging and discarded household items. National Recycling Week is a great time for parents and educators to get children involved in recycling. Creating an “inventor’s box” is an easy way to encourage children to be creative while they learn about […]

8 DIY Eco-Friendly Party Games and Activities for Children

Why not celebrate your child’s birthday with sustainable, eco-friendly party games and activities that you can easily do at home or at your local park? Birthday parties are huge highlights for children – it’s a day to feel special, be celebrated, and have lots of treats! Unfortunately for parents tasked with organizing them, children’s birthday […]

Recycling Activities in Outside School Hours Care

Recycling has become part of our daily norm. Children are often asking, “Does this belong in the recycling bin?” And this is a good question to ask. Teaching children about recycling at a young age helps them to understand the environmental benefits of living with a waste-reduction mentality. Households and schools are on board with […]