Camp Australia

More Active Learning & Less Screen Time

How ‘well’ is your child? Camp Australia’s Child Impact Survey has revealed that there are concerns for children’s emotional instability and lack of structure persisting in a largely post-COVID Australia. The survey, now in its third year, was first launched in 2020 to help develop an understanding of impacts on Australian children aged between 5 […]

Importance of Exercise

Physical exercise is crucial for growing bodies, offering a host of health benefits that can impact children’s life as an adult. Not only will it help develop and maintain physical health, but regular exercise will also encourage children to lead an active lifestyle with long-term benefits of mental and social wellbeing. As much as adults […]

What is Handball?

What is handball? Handball is a game between 2 to 7 players on a hard court where a ball is struck with your hand, making it bounce into your opponent’s square. It’s a popular schoolyard game in Australia, as well as other countries like New Zealand, Fiji and more, and unlike other types of handball […]

Teaching with Screens Throughout the Years

There is no doubt the experiences of the last couple of years have culminated in a far greater uptake of screentime and online activities for our young people. Along with an increased amount of time tethered to a device, we have also seen greater exposure to more sites, apps and social networks at an earlier […]

Managing Screentime Throughout the Years

Martine Oglethorpe from The Modern Parent is an expert in online safety and has written her top tips in a comprehensive guide for parents to help with managing screentime for children of any age. A video introduction by Martine Oglethorpe. There is no doubt the experiences of the last couple of years have culminated in […]

Australia’s Biggest Handball Competition Returns

On Sunday 19 June, Camp Australia hosted Australia’s biggest handball competition, also known regionally as downball and four-square, for the second year in a row. The Regional Handball Championships saw over 350 children, between the ages of 5-12, come together across 10 locations around the country, to compete for a share in the $10,000 prize […]

How to Encourage Positive Thinking in Kids

In reality, we all experience challenging times at various stages throughout life. Helping kids with positive thinking involves developing in them a resilient mindset. This is the ability to rebound after times of anxiety or avoidance and to refocus on what is possible. Developing a positive and resilient mindset predicts wellbeing and success. If life […]

8 Ways to Exercise with Kids when Lockdown Restrictions

If your children normally get their exercise through their participation with organised sport clubs, it can be challenging to find ways to keep up their fitness at home while the restrictions during COVID-19 are easing and sports clubs have not reopened yet. Heading outside and giving your children room to burn off their extra energy […]

How to Boost Your Child’s Sense of Belonging in Primary School

Thinking back to when you were in primary school, was there ever a time when you felt that you didn’t belong? That dreaded feeling when you walked into the school gate hoping that the day will be better than the day before. As a parent, you want your child to fit in. You want them […]

Material Encounters: Ideas for Mark-making and Drawing

By Dr. Gai Lindsay, University of Wollongong When we value children as citizens with the right to experience “cultural and artistic life,” (Article 31, UNCRC) we will intentionally support them to engage in playful meaning-making, communication and self-expression through the arts. This requires that we provide children with quality visual arts materials that will make expressive and […]