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Educator Highlight with Kelly from Preston North East Primary School

Blog - 07 July 2021

Educator Highlight with Kelly from Preston North East Primary School

Kelly is our dedicated coordinator at Preston North East Primary School in Victoria. She’s been with Camp Australia for over 18 months and within this time, has been promoted to manage her own Outside School Hours Care service. Read on to learn more about Kelly and what her role means from both personal and professional perspectives.

Making Positive Changes with Programs in OSHC

Kelly loves developing new programs for the children in Outside School Hours Care. She’s made a positive change to programming initiatives and is grateful that the children appreciate her dedication to guiding their growth. “I feel pure happiness when children thank me for things we’ve done around here.”

Implementing programs that teach children all about emotional and mental wellbeing has enabled Kelly and the team at OSHC to guide children in all areas of kindness and empathy. She wants to ensure that children are able to empathise with their peers and show support for one another. Kelly explains, “Our group games are more than playing. We focus on positive social engagement and being fair to others.”

Working with Young Children has Provided Professional and Personal Benefits

Educators are genuinely special people and Kelly is certainly no different. Kelly has always enjoyed working with young people, primarily those who have experienced trauma. She decided to transition to an Outside School Hours Care setting to enable her to work with families and children. Getting to know the children in before and after school care and their families has been one of the many rewarding aspects of Kelly’s role.

In addition to Kelly’s professional journey, her personal journey is equally important. She truly believes that her role with Camp Australia has helped her to mature and advance in personal ways too. Even her family and friends have commented on how her role suits her!

When interviewing Kelly, she stated, “I never felt I wanted to become a mother, but since working with children at my own service, it has definitely changed my mind.” For now, Kelly is mum to a gorgeous Jack Russell dog, named Jack who is 10 years old!

Kelly’s Advice for Primary School Children

Quite simply, Kelly’s advice for children is – “Definitely enjoy being a child while you still are! There’s no need to rush. Every adult will tell you that and when you are an adult, you will also give this exact advice!”

Kelly is dedicated to guide children’s growth. The OSHC team teach children key values in each session and Kelly knows that these values will be instilled in them throughout their life. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Kelly and her journey, and if you’d like to learn more about Camp Australia, visit

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