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Educator wellbeing must be prioritised in COVID climate

News - 09 September 2021

Educator wellbeing must be prioritised in COVID climate

With the impact of COVID-19 ongoing, Camp Australia is helping educators prioritise their wellbeing with the launch of a video Insight Series on R U OK?Day.

The video Insight Series, for educators by educators, offers principals and educators advice on mental wellbeing and digital wellbeing from leading specialists.

Camp Australia’s 2020 Back to School survey revealed that educators and principals wanted to learn how to build resilience among their school community and recognised the need to prioritise their mental health.

Camp Australia’s, Chief Executive Officer Warren Jacobson said: “The COVID pandemic has placed an enormous strain on our educators with many compromising their own wellbeing to support their students, teachers and broader school community.”

“As we continue to grapple with the COVID pandemic and eventually move into a COVID normal, educator wellbeing must be a priority.”

The video Insight Series was inspired by this year’s R U OK?Day message, ‘Are they really OK? Ask them today’ an initiative by R U OK?, a charity committed to harm prevention and mental health. Camp Australia is hoping that community conversations on R U OK?Day help educators reflect on how they really feel, with the video series providing practical advice to help them prioritise their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their peers and students.

Said Mr Jacobson: “Camp Australia’s Insight Series provides educators with coping techniques and strategies for prioritising their mental health in a COVID climate while working from home.”

From the Series, educators will also learn to strengthen their resilience and unpack the impact of technology on wellbeing and productivity with tips on how to work effectively in a digital workspace.

David Westgate, mental health trainer and speaker from the Black Dog Institute, Dr Kristy Goodwin, digital wellbeing and productivity specialist, and Lyn O’Grady, community psychologist, along with principals Jason Shapcott and Henry Grossek, have partnered with Camp Australia for this first three-part Series.

The three-part video Insight Series launches today and is available to all Camp Australia partners and educators:

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