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Extraordinary Adventures - School Holiday Fun with Rocketeers Vacation Care

Blog - 24 March 2021

Extraordinary Adventures - School Holiday Fun with Rocketeers Vacation Care

Rocketeers is Camp Australia’s holiday program for primary school children. For non-stop action, morning to evening during the school holidays, children will go home exhausted at the end of the day.

At Rocketeers, every season is a new mission, every day - a new adventure. Rocketeers is a holiday program that’s filled with thrilling showcase experiences and supported by unique, tailored activities.

Rocketeers is THE fun place for primary school-aged children to be, where they will experience extraordinary school holiday adventures. There’s a variety of experiences and dedicated Commander and Crew to guide each mission in the Autumn school holidays.

Types of experiences

  1. Operation: X Explore the wonders of Base Camp. The commander and Crew design a program around a special theme and tailored to your children. School holiday activities include Pirates to The Deep Blue, Jungle Animals to Environmental Warriors, and everything in between.

Example: Wellness Retreat

It can be easy to get into the habit of doing all the things that are good for our overall wellbeing. Your Commander and Crew will guide you on what can be done to improve wellbeing for ourselves. Children will be able to suggest wellness activities that they would like to , such as yoga and meditation.

  1. Incursions Incursions are split into 2 distinct types:

Project: X Enhance your fun and upgrade your skillset with a special project in the Rocketeers school holiday program. Exclusive to Rocketeers, children could see themselves designing their own guitar, make veggie enchiladas, experiment with exploding toothpaste and heaps more.

Example: Little Coders and National Handball Championships

Learn to code and program in a fun and free screen environment: Children will program a coding robot called Botley by entering a code on the remote and then ask Botley to ‘run the code’. Children will create a foam maze mat and step, hop and turn while learning programming ideas. Older children will get challenged in a hands-on game where they will get to play programmer building “procedures” that guide their robot along a path from start to finish. Last but not the least, each child will receive a set of coding cards and a board game to continue their coding journey at home. There will also be the National Handball Championships on this day.

The National Handball Championships is a handball competition that will be run across all our Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) and holiday (Rocketeers) services. Children will be given the time to practice their handball skills to partake in service competitions. The winner of every OSHC and Rocketeers service receives an invitation to the limited regional events.

Example: Deliciously Italian

Children of all ages can get in on the fun in the kitchen during the school holidays, especially when pizza is involved. Today children will make their own dough and top their pizza with vegetarian toppings (mushrooms, capsicum, cheese and olives) and turn their pizza into funny faces pizzas. Children will not only prepare their lunch but also prepare some vegan zesty orange gummies. They will bring back some at home and will be given the recipe to do it again with their family.

Experience Takeover Join us as Base Camp welcomes special guests as part of our school holiday program. Every takeover is different, with guests storming the ship with creepy crawlies, Silent Disco experiences, massive sporting carnivals and way more. These special guests are experts in their field and are guaranteed to bring an enriching and fulfilling experience to Rocketeers!

Example: Bubble soccer

Bubble Ball Games is a fun safe innovative program ready to entertain your children while keeping them fit and happy. This program is designed for fun! It involves battle games in partners and teams for all primary school-aged children. children will run laugh roll and bounce all while being in a bubble it’s the ultimate fun. Let’s face it which kid doesn’t want to be in a bubble!!

  1. Excursions

Adventure: X

Embark on an expedition outside of Base Camp. Every destination is different, every experience – extraordinary. School holiday activities include Ten Pin Bowling, Trampoline Parks, Science Museums, Inflatable Playgrounds, Animal Sanctuaries, Theme Parks and way more, once we get to our destination, the fun begins.

Example: Rainbow Race (also an Experience Takeover)

Rocketeers will be running a national Rainbow Race (inspired by the Colour Run) event which will celebrate diversity and inclusivity. Children from different services will meet at an approved outdoor Camp Australia service to participate in this event. Children will race and complete various physical challenges around a course (designed by our specialised national provider), wearing a white shirt, a pair of goggles and a neck scarf (which will be provided). They will be sprayed with different coloured powders at each station. A fun day is guaranteed!

Camp Australia operates 225 Rocketeers locations across Australia. Every registered family has access to every one of our Rocketeers locations, whether it’s near work, home or a holiday destination. Join in the fun at Rocketeers these school holidays:

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