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From our Hygiene Experts - How Best to Eliminate COVID-19 from Getting into Your Home

Blog - 01 June 2021

From our Hygiene Experts - How Best to Eliminate COVID-19 from Getting into Your Home

How Best to Eliminate COVID-19 from Getting into Your Home

Do you wonder how to stop COVID-19 from getting through the door of your own home? We’re living in a world like no other at the moment. Everyone is taking extra caution when stepping outside of their homes in fear that they will be exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19). From social distancing to wearing face masks, there’s been a lot of hype about protecting the community from this very serious virus. What about inside your home, are you being as cautious?

Personal hygiene has taken the front row, including at our OSHC services. We have increased hygiene measures to protect children and educators and have asked for staff to replicate the same when they are at home. Check out these best practice ways to protect yourself when inside your own home.

Wash your hands when you get home

You arrive home from work as you’re unable to work from home and as usual, start to put your bags down and head to the kitchen for a snack. Nothing seems out of the ordinary, but have you considered that there are others living with you that may also have direct contact with what you’ve just touched in the kitchen?

Your hands may have been clean when entering the office or supermarket, but since your trip, you’ve had indirect contact with a dozen or more other people. You’re not sure where these people have been, and even wonder if tiny droplets landed on you from another person?

Washing your hands when you come home is just as important as hand washing throughout the day.

Remove clothing

You’ve washed your hands, but what about your clothes that have been exposed outside? That’s right, these need to be swapped over as soon as the laundry basket is in sight. In fact, anything that is exposed to outside of the home needs to be washed or sanitised.

Think about it this way – if you stayed in the same clothes until you’re ready for bed, how many things (and people) in the house would you have come into contact with? It’s better to err on the side of caution.

Leave belongings near the front door

Our personal items, such as your wallet and keys, have also been exposed to outside of the home. Personal items should be left at the front door, perhaps in a box. Separating your ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ belongings is a good way to keep everyone in your home safe. The World Health Organisation has indicated that the coronavirus can live on surfaces for a few hours up to several days.

If you can’t keep your belongings separate, be sure to disinfect them before using them again.

Clean mobile phones and glasses

Mobile phones are great germ carriers! Be sure to wipe then down with hot soapy water, disinfectant or sanitiser. There’s no need to soak them but getting into the habit of wiping them down will rid a lot of germs away. Likewise, with glasses, if you’re not already cleaning your spectacles regularly, now’s the perfect time to start. You may even be able to see out of them clearer afterwards and it’s almost a form of personal hygiene.

Clean everything that comes into the home

Anything that comes into the home from outside should be cleaned or washed before being stored. This includes fresh fruit and vegetables. Remember that droplets can fall on anything so cleaning before storing will ensure that you’re eating nothing that can spread viruses.

Get your children into the habit of cleaning things with you, it’s a good way to wash your hands and teach them about how to be safe within the home.

Wash your hands again

Hearing children sing the Happy Birthday song while washing their hands will bring music to your ears. Teachers and educators have done a tremendous job with teaching children the importance of good hand washing skills and this song helps them to practice good personal hygiene for the recommended 20 seconds.

The safety of our children at OSHC is of utmost priority and we have increased hygiene methods to ensure that everyone remains safe each day. Please ensure that the above recommendations are in place whilst at home. Aligning our hygiene methods whilst inside and outside of the home will give viruses less of an opportunity to reach your family.

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