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Fun Activities for Children on School Holidays

Blog - 31 March 2021

Fun Activities for Children on School Holidays

Hands up if you’ve realised that it’s nearly the end of Term 1…which means it’s nearly the school holidays!

How did that go so fast? It certainly was a wonderful thing that the children were able to complete a full term at school, after a challenging period of schooling from home last year for some.

The school holidays are a time for children to relax and have fun. As a parent, your experience will tell you that children can claim boredom when on school holidays, so we’ve compiled some ideas that will break up the days and give both parents and children a memorable school holiday experience.

Autumn Themed School Holiday Activities

If variety is what your child prefers, you’ll find it easy to get into the Autumn spirit.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, and we know children LOVE to play with leaves when we see them running through them with a giggle not far behind. These autumn activities will keep your child entertained for hours at a time and give them an appreciation for the environment. From an adventurous scavenger hunt, to building a terrarium, Autumn proves the perfect time to provide variety with so many outdoor adventures that children will enjoy.

Getting into nature is therapeutic and Autumn is the perfect time to start planting some delicious and nutritious vegetables. Even if your child’s palette steers them away from certain vegetables, there are over twenty types of vegetables listed, with some that will be sure to tickle their fancy!

Favourite Inside Activities for Kids

Some other inside school holiday activities for kids include board games, creative play and cooking activities.

Indoor games are the best wet weather activity. Set up different activity stations in your home with different card and board games. For an added challenge, children can design their own games. Some of our Your OSHC services have created their own Monopoly board game, with street names from around their local area. You can create your own at home too.

Using recyclable materials, from milk lids to cereal boxes, is not only environmentally friendly but unleashes your child’s inner creativity. Let them go wild with big sculptures and colourful craft.

Who could look past cooking for the school holidays? There’s a host of kid-friendly recipes online, like this one and on this site too. Children are empowered when they are given the chef’s hat at home, and they may even surprise you with a home-cooked dinner or two that they’ve mastered.

Rocketeers – for Extraordinary School Holiday Adventures

We welcome Rocketeers (formerly Holiday Club) to the school holidays this Autumn. With variety and adventure, Rocketeers is designed for fun and excitement. Get to know what our new holiday program is all about with this downloadable Rocketeers word search. Children will even have a second chance to participate in the national handball for kids’ competition, which has proved popular in Outside School Hours Care in Term 1. Rocketeers delivers three distinct types of experiences for children, each with extraordinary adventures to add to the school holiday memories:

  • Base Camp Days - The commander and crew design a program around a special theme and tailored to your children. From Pirates to The Deep Blue, Jungle Animals to Environmental Warriors, and everything in between.
  • Incursions – special projects could see children designing their own guitar, making veggie enchiladas, experimenting with exploding toothpaste and heaps more. Special guests are also invited to Base Camp, from Silent Discos, sporting carnivals and more. These special guests are experts in their field and are guaranteed to bring an enriching and fulfilling experience to Rocketeers!
  • Excursions - Embark on an expedition outside of Base Camp. Every destination is different, every experience is extraordinary. From Trampoline Parks, Science Museums, Inflatable Playgrounds, Animal Sanctuaries, through to Theme Parks and more.

The school holidays are set to blast off at Rocketeers, our holiday program for primary school children. For added adventures these holidays, join us at Rocketeers – starting this week. To find a location near you, visit:

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