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Service Spotlight: Outside School Hours Care at Montmorency Primary School

Blog - 07 July 2021

Service Spotlight: Outside School Hours Care at Montmorency Primary School

We caught up with Etta, our experienced educator who manages our Outside School Hours Care service at Montmorency Primary School in Victoria.

Activities Children Enjoy in Before and After School Care

During the school term, there are between 25-50 children attending Outside School Hours Care. Rocketeers is also running during the school holidays and there have been 30 children attend each day during Mission II.

Children love to get involved in all types of activities, including constructive play, building, craft, board games, composting, cooking, discos and outside play (for example, soccer, footy, tennis and having fun on the playground).

Etta makes sure that children enjoy their time in Montmorency Primary School’s service, and each day she ensures that different spaces are set up for children to participate at any time throughout each session. From art and craft, to constructive play that is designed to cater for those who enjoy building of all different sorts.

One of the most frequented spaces is the kitchen play area. There is also a couch for children to relax and unwind after a busy day in school. We can’t forget the table that’s set up for mindfulness activities, such as colouring in and Hama beads.

Fun Facts about OSHC Activities

Some of the fun facts about Outside School Hours Care at Montmorency Primary School includes the fact that there are always outdoor activities to satisfy the needs of active children. There’s cooking in the kitchen on Wednesdays and Fridays. Pizza is enjoyed on Fridays too! It’s disco fun-time on Thursdays and Fridays.

A daily roster has been set up so that every child has the opportunity to empty the compost bin…children LOVE this responsibility! And…there’s a book that children can write their activity wish list in, which the educators obtain inspiration from.

Getting to Know the Children at Montmorency Primary School

Etta loves to spend time with the children and enjoys getting to know them. She communicates regularly with them and eagerly waits each week to hear about what they have been up to on the weekend. Etta is often seen joining in the fun when it’s imaginative playtime to gather new ideas and develop her relationship with children. It is important for Etta to know that the children place trust in her.

Here’s what some children have said about their experience in OSHC:

“I like OSHC because it is nice and colourful.”

“I love coming to after school care because I enjoy the food.”

“I like after school care because I get to see my friends and play with them.”

“I am grateful for Etta.”

Getting Involved with the Community

Etta prepares a summary for the school newsletter on a regular basis to keep families updated on what’s been happening in OSHC. Rocketeers posters are also displayed around the school.

We love when families who attend Outside School Hours Care have some knowledge to impart and Montmorency Primary School has been fortunate to have a parent, who is a fireman, come to teach the children during an evacuation drill.

There is a Tai-Chi expert in the local community too, who teaches children all the right moves and mindfulness on Fridays. It will be great when Etta can organise more visitors, as service visits have been minimised during COVID.

The Importance of Teamwork

Etta ensures that all educators are aware of the needs of children and encourages them to provide feedback and to interact with the activities that children enjoy. The team are looking forward to planning activities around NAIDOC Week and National Science Week in the upcoming months.

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about the Outside School Hours Care service at Montmorency Primary School. To learn more, visit

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