The Rocketeers Film Festival Terms and Conditions


Competition (Game of Skill) Details, Terms and Conditions
Camp Australia – Rocketeers Film Festival: powered by LEGO® Play
Part A – Competition Details
Competition Details
Rocketeers Film Festival: powered by LEGO Play being
conducted by Camp Australia Pty Ltd ABN 96 060 703
120 ( Camp Australia ) at participating services with
StarTime Studios Pty Ltd ABN 17 607 712 078
( StarTime ), in accordance with these Terms and
Commencement 19 October 2023
Competition Date
End Date
3 March 2024
This Competition is only open to any person who, during
the Competition Period:
  is a student who is currently:
o registered with Camp Australia; and
attends Camp Australia Rocketeers
Vacation Care at a participating service
Eligible Entrants
( Service ); and
attends one (1) or more vacation care
sessions titled “Film Fest: LEGO®
Create Day” and “Film Fest: Film Day”
( Incursion Sessions ); and
  submits an Eligible Entry as set out at Item 4.
To enter the Competition, the parent or legal guardian of
a child must, prior to or during the Competition Period:
1. book into one (1) or more Incursion Sessions
via the Camp Australia parent portal available
at: or by
contacting our Customer Care Team on 1300
105 343;
Eligible Entry
2. agree to these Terms and Conditions via the
follow up confirmation email (sent to each
parent or legal guardian after booking into the
Incursion Session) by clicking either Option 1 or
Option 2 in that confirmation email; and
3. pay the relevant Incursion Session ( Incursion
Session Fee ) plus the daily rate applicable to
your Service.
Maximum Eligible Entries
Only one (1) entry is allowed per Eligible Entrant for
each Incursion Session that the Eligible Entrant attends.
The Competition will consist of the following stages:
1. Stage 1: Children will attend either the "Film
Fest: LEGO® Create Day" Incursion Session at
which they will be put into groups to build their
film sets/characters; or they will attend the "Film
Fest: Film Day" Incursion Session where they
bring their creations to life with stop-motion
See Item 7 for more information on Stage 1.
Competition Process
2. Stage 2: All films will be reviewed and judged
and a winner selected for each category.
See Item 8 for more information on Stage 2.
3. Stage 3: The winning films will be premiered at
the Online Film Festival.
See Item 9 for more information on Stage 3.
At each Incursion Session held during the Competition
Period, Eligible Entrants will be able to participate in the
Camp Australia will host the “Film Fest: LEGO® Create
Day” and StarTime will host the “Film Fest: Film Day”.
StarTime will be responsible for conducting the
Competition during the Competition Period.
Stage 1
Each Eligible Entrant will participate in set/character
building with LEGO bricks at each “Film Fest: LEGO®
Create Day” Incursion Session.
At the “Film Fest: LEGO® Create Day” Incursion
Competition Process (Stage 1: Sessions, each Eligible Entrant will be placed in a group
Eligible Entrants to create
with other Eligible Entrants and build sets and
Group Film at each Incursion
characters with LEGO® bricks ( Group Set ).
Each Eligible Entrant will participate in stop-motion
animation filmmaking at each “Film Fest: Film Day”
Incursion Session.
At the Incursion Sessions, each Eligible Entrant will be
placed in a group with other Eligible Entrants and create
a short film (20 seconds to 1 minute in length) ( Group
Film ).
(together, Combined Films ).
Combined Films will be uploaded to an online file
hosting repository which is password protected
( Dropbox ). StarTime is responsible for storage of all
Combined Films , and management of the Dropbox.
Stage 2
Competition Process (Stage 2:
StarTime will select one (1) award winner in each of the
StarTime to select best Group
following categories:
Film in each State/Territory)
page 2
Group Sets will be eligible for:
1. Most Creative World-Building;
2. Best Character Design;
3. Master Builder Award;
4. Craftsmanship Excellence Award;
Group Films will be eligible for:
1. Quickest Creative Solution;
2. Most Awe-inspiring moment;
3. Best Plot Twist;
4. Boundless Imagination Award;
All Combined Films (Group Sets and Group Films)
will be eligible for:
1. Best Film;
2. Pure Joy Award;
3. Best Teamwork;
4. Heartfelt Storytelling Award; and
5. Pinnacle of Production Award.
(together, the Award Winners ). The Award Criteria is
set out at Item 11.
Stage 3
Camp Australia will hold an Online Film Festival on
Sunday, 3 March 2024 ( Online Film Festival ).
The Online Film Festival will be held on Camp
Australia’s YouTube channel and will feature the Award
Competition Process (Stage 3:
The Online Film Festival may also, at the sole discretion
Online Film Festival)
of Camp Australia, feature any or all, or part of, all
Combined Films created during the Competition.
Not all Combined Films produced will be screened at
the Online Film Festival. The selection of videos for
screening at the Online Film Festival, is at the sole
discretion of Camp Australia, and there is no guarantee
that a Combined Film will be premiered at the Online
Film Festival.
Group Film Criteria
Each Combined Film will be judged based on the Award
criteria (as outlined at Item 11):
There is a group award for the following categories
(maximum of one (1) award for Most Creative World-
Building; Best Character Design; Master Builder Award;
Craftsmanship Excellence Award; Quickest Creative
Solution; Most Awe-inspiring moment; Best Plot Twist;
Boundless Imagination Award; Best Film; Pure Joy
Award Criteria
Award; Best Teamwork; Heartfelt Storytelling Award;
and Pinnacle of Production Award.
Most Creative World-Building (Group Sets): score
out of 10: Recognises the film with the most imaginative
setting or world that complements the story.
page 3
Best Character Design (Group Sets): score out of
10: For the most complex and interesting character
design. One that conveys message through colours and
build structure.
Master Builder Award (Group Sets): score out of 10:
Given to the film that exemplifies the principles of
design, structure, and engineering with their LEGO®
Craftsmanship Excellence Award (Group Sets):
Score out of 10: Recognises meticulous attention to
detail in set design .
Quickest Creative Solution (Group Films): score out
of 10: utilising any and all of the filmmaking devices at
your disposal without the audience noticing or being
jarred by this solution and score or disguising the
solution as practically as possible.
Most Awe-Inspiring Moment (Group Films): score out
of 10: intentional application of any and all of the
filmmaking devices at your disposal (music & sfx,
framing, editing, character design, dialogue and story) in
order to create a moment which initiates an audience to
gasp or applaud instinctively because of the moment
Best Plot Twist (Group Films): score out of 10:
Through the use of a compelling opening image,
intentionally sets about leading the audience in one
direction so the twist becomes seamless and surprising
but inevitable upon reflection by the audience.
Best Film (Combined) will be judged based on the
following criteria (maximum of 30 points):
1. score out of 10 for Character design
(characters/figures display recognisable
behaviour emotion;
2. score out of 10 for technical achievement - high
level of animation and camera work and
3. score out of 10 for good story arc with
recognisable beginning, middle and end.
Pure Joy Award (Combined): score out of 10: creating
a story and/or characters underpinned by music choice,
the effect of which inevitably brings a sense of joy, fun,
play and humour to the intended audience.
Best Teamwork (Combined): score out of 10: Effective
use and combination of imagery, dialogue and/or editing
that clearly and succinctly showcases the theme of
Heartfelt Storytelling Award (Combined): score out of
10: Utilising to maximum effect, the seamless
page 4
intertwining of story and technical achievement in
imagery and music to engender a sense of heartfelt
emotion from the intended audience. A consideration of
kindness is inevitable after watching this film.
Pinnacle of Production Award (Combined): score out
of 10: attention to detail and technical achievement in
camerawork (creative and intentional framing), sound
(clear application of music, sfx and recorded dialogue)
and seamless animation of LEGO.
The selection of the Award Winners is at the sole
discretion of StarTime and all judging decisions are final.
Award Prize
Competition Prizes
The Team Member of an Award Winner will win a
LEGO® Classic Creative Fantasy Universe set. (RRP:
$149.99 AUD)
The Total Prize Pool value is AUD $11,249.25
comprising the Award Prizes to be issued.
Total Prize Pool
*The total number of Award Prizes issued is dependent
on the total number of Team Members in a group. Total
Prize Pool calculated on 13 awards and 5.77 team
members per award.
The parent or legal guardian of:
  an Award Winner will be notified by email by 15
Winner Notification
February 2023,
using the contact details associated with their Camp
Australia account ( Notification Date ).
Please allow up to 28 business days from the relevant
Claim Period
Notification Date for the delivery of the Competition
Prize to the winners.
Special Conditions (if any)
Marketing Team
Camp Australia
Competition Contact Details
L1, 207-213 Waverley Road, Malvern East VIC 3145
1300 105 343
Part B – Consent
By entering the Competition you acknowledge and agree:
you have given Camp Australia, StarTime, The LEGO Group and any other third
party with which Camp Australia has partnered permission to:
create, use, retain and/or reproduce a voice recording (including sound
recordings) of your child to be used in the Competition, and which may (at
the discretion of Camp Australia and/or the third party) be published or
page 5
available to the public in printed and/or digital formats (including but not
limited to on YouTube, television, public film screenings) and film festivals
including but not limited to the Rocketeers Film Festival: powered by LEGO
Play; and
make use of the voice recording (including sound recordings) of your child in
printed and/or digital formats (including but not limited to on the Camp
Australia, StarTime and The LEGO Group websites and social media
accounts), for the purposes of conducting, promoting and advertising the
Rocketeers Film Festival: powered by LEGO Play and for Camp Australia’s,
StarTime’s and The LEGO Group’s future promotional, marketing and
training purposes;
that the voice recording (including sound recordings) of your child may be edited or
modified in any manner at the discretion of Camp Australia and/or any third party
that is provided consent to use such image or recording under clause 1.1.0;
that you will not seek any form of remuneration or compensation now, or in the
future for your child’s participation in the process of filming and/or creation of the
Combined Film or any of the uses contemplated in this Part B; and
that you and your child assign Camp Australia all present and future rights in the
entire copyright in the film, and therefore you and your child have no rights in the
copyright in the film (as those terms are defined in the Copyright Act 1968 ) and that
the copyright will be wholly owned by Camp Australia. This means that Camp
Australia may use the images in the ways described in these Terms and
Conditions without notifying, acknowledging or compensating you or your child.
You hereby release and indemnify Camp Australia and their agents and any other third party
from any claim by you arising out of any loss, damage, accident or injury to you or your child
resulting from the Combined Film and/or this Competition.
You may withdraw your consent at any time by written notice to Camp Australia. However
you agree and acknowledge that withdrawal of your consent:
may not be possible where the voice recordings have already been published and
are in the public domain; and
does not in any way affect or limit the release and indemnity given by you under
clause 1.2
Part C – Terms and Conditions
The terms that apply for the Competition consist of, in order of priority to the extent there is
any inconsistency or conflict:
the information, instructions and details contained in Part A – Competition Details
( Part A );
the consent set out in Part B, which is applicable to all Eligible Entrants who will be
heard on camera – Consent ( Part B );
the terms set out in Part C – Terms and Conditions ( Part C ); and
any other information set out in promotional advertisements (if any) for the
which together are the Terms.
Capitalised words used but not defined in Part B and Part C will have the meaning given in
Part A.
page 6
References in these Terms to ‘you’ or ‘your’ are to the parent or legal guardian of the Eligible
By participating in the Competition your child does so at its own risk and you agree to be
bound by the Terms. If you do not accept these Terms, your child must not participate in the
Competition and will not be eligible for any prizes offered in the Competition.
To the extent that the Competition is conducted on, advertised or promoted on a social
media platform owned by a third party (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), you
acknowledge and agree that the Competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or promoted
by such third party.
Who can enter
Your child is eligible to enter the Competition if your child satisfies the Eligible Entrant
Eligible Entrants must have parental or legal guardian permission prior to participating in this
How to enter
The Competition will be held during the Competition Period as set out in Item 2 of Part A of
these Terms and Conditions.
To enter the Competition, you must submit an Eligible Entry, follow any additional
instructions specified in Part A, and Camp Australia must receive the Eligible Entry, during
the Competition Period.
You may submit up to the Maximum Eligible Entries as set out in Item 5. If an Eligible Entrant
submits more than the Maximum Eligible Entries, only the entry or entries most recently
submitted (up to the permitted maximum) will be accepted by Camp Australia. A parent or
legal guardian can enter multiple children by booking each of them into the Rocketeers Film
Festival: powered by LEGO Play incursions via the Camp Australia portal
and by confirming acceptance of the Terms and Conditions by clicking Option 1 or Option 2
via the confirmation email sent to the email address associated with the relevant Camp
Australia account. Each child is considered a separate Eligible Entrant.
All entries are deemed to be received at the time of receipt by Camp Australia, not the time
of transmission or submission by you.
Camp Australia may disqualify and exclude any Eligible Entrant if Camp Australia considers,
in its absolute discretion that you or the Eligible Entrant have breached any part of these
Terms, or engaged in any improper conduct calculated to jeopardise the fair and proper
operation of the Competition.
Camp Australia reserves the right to verify the validity of entries and entrants at any time.
All decisions about the eligibility of entrants made by Camp Australia will be final.
How to win
This Competition is a game of skill and chance plays no part in determining the winner(s).
The Eligible Entrant must be booked into and attend an Incursion Session during the
Completion Period.
The following team awards will be awarded from the pool of Group Sets:
Most Creative World Building;
page 7
Best Character Design;
Master Builder Award;
Craftsmanship Excellence Award;
The following team awards will be awarded from the pool of Group Films:
Quickest Creative Solution;
Most Awe-Inspiring Moment;
Best Plot Twist;
Boundless Imagination Award;
The following team awards will be awarded from the pool of Combined Films:
Best Film;
Pure Joy Award
Best Teamwork
Heartfelt Storytelling Award; and
Pinnacle of Production Award,
(together, the Award Winners ).
There will be a maximum of thirteen (13) Award Winners.
In this clause 6, ‘Prize’ means the Award Prize (as the case may be).
The winners will be awarded the Prizes and must claim their Prize by the date and in
accordance with the instructions set out in the Terms.
A maximum of one (1) Prize will be awarded to:
each Team Member of an Award Winner;
as listed in Item 8.
Prizes may not be transferred or redeemable.
Unless otherwise stated in the Competition Details, Camp Australia will, at its expense,
deliver the Prize to the winner. It is the responsibility of each winner to be available or make
arrangements for receipt of the delivery.
If the Prize or any part of it is unavailable for whatever reason, Camp Australia, in its sole
discretion, reserves the right to substitute the Prize (or any part of it) with a prize of equal or
greater value and/or specification.
Subject to clause 9.3, Camp Australia makes no representation or warranty in relation to any
of the Prizes.
Each winner is responsible for all ancillary costs associated with the Prize.
Unclaimed Prizes
In this clause 7 ‘Prize’ means the Award Prize (as the case may be).
page 8
Camp Australia cannot contact the winner in the manner as set out in Item 14; or
the winner forfeits the Prize,
then in each case, Camp Australia may, at its sole discretion retain the Prize.
Privacy and Publicity
You acknowledge that Camp Australia may collect, store and use personal information in
order to conduct the Competition (including notifying winners) and for related marketing,
promotional, publicity, research and profiling purposes.
Camp Australia will use and handle your personal information in accordance with its Privacy
Policy, available at (as updated from time to time).
By entering the Competition you acknowledge and agree that Camp Australia may publish or
cause to be published your child’s name on Camp Australia’s website, YouTube channel and
social media sites.
Liability and Warranty
If for any reason the Competition (or any aspect of it) is not capable of being conducted as
reasonably anticipated due to any reason beyond the reasonable control of Camp Australia,
including but not limited to vandalism, power failures, tempests, weather, natural disasters,
acts of God, civil unrest, strike, war, act of terrorism, epidemic, pandemic or public health
emergency, computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorised intervention, fraud or technical
failures, Camp Australia reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to:
disqualify any entrant (whether or not an Eligible Entrant); and/or
modify, suspend, delay, terminate, or cancel the Competition,
without liability to any person for any costs, loss or damage whatsoever arising out of, or in
connection with, such action.
To the maximum extent permitted by law, Camp Australia and its Related Bodies Corporate
(as that term is defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)) take no responsibility for:
lost, delayed, damaged, undelivered, misdirected or unreceived Prizes; and
late, lost, incorrectly submitted or misdirected, error, omission, interruption,
deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure,
theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, or alteration of, entries,
and reserves the right to take any action that may be available.
Nothing in these Terms restricts, excludes or modifies (or purports to restrict, exclude or
modify) any statutory consumer rights under any applicable law, including the Competition
and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) ( Non-Excludable Guarantees ).
Except for any liability that cannot by law be excluded, including the Non-Excludable
Guarantees, Camp Australia and its Related Bodies Corporate are not responsible for and
exclude all liability (including negligence), for any personal injury or death; or any loss,
expense or damage (including loss of opportunity), whether direct, indirect, special or
consequential, arising out of or in connection with this Competition, the Rocketeers Film
Festival: powered by LEGO Play, or the associated Prizes, including:
the entrant’s participation in the Competition, including undertaking any activity in
or connected with their entry into the Competition;
any theft, unauthorised access or third party interference;
page 9
any decision by Camp Australia or a judge in relation to the Competition;
any publication of any material, including any statements made by any staff
member, journalist, other entrants or any other person;
any problem or technical difficulties or malfunction of any computer equipment,
software, internet connection (whether or not under Camp Australia’s control);
any variation in Prize value to that stated in these Terms;
any tax liability incurred by a winner; or
use of a Prize.
Camp Australia may, in its sole discretion and at any time, update, change or modify these
Terms. Such change shall be effective immediately upon posting to
If there is a dispute concerning the conduct of the Competition, the decision of Camp
Australia is final and binding on each Eligible Entrant and no correspondence will be entered
Failure by Camp Australia to enforce any of its rights at any stage does not constitute a
waiver of those rights.
The Terms are governed by the laws of Australia. The parties submit to the non-exclusive
jurisdiction of the courts of Australia.
Any queries regarding the Competition should be directed to the person listed in Competition
Contact Details.
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