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Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2024

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This week marks Neurodiversity Celebration Week, a time to recognise and embrace the diverse range of neurological differences among individuals. Our award-winning CARE Program is tailored to support children with additional needs. Through CARE, we aim to foster neuro-inclusivity within our communities and ensure every child feels a sense of belonging in our services. A […]

Updated Nutritional Food Options at Camp Australia

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Based on the ongoing feedback from families through Camp Australia’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, there has been a demand for more nutritional food options and the improvement in the quality of food served in services. Whether your children are participating in our Rocketeers Vacation Care program or our Your OSHC Before and After School Care, you can […]

Valentine’s Day: Let’s Get Crafty

Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day upon us, what better way to show someone you love and care for than by giving the gift of something handmade? Here are some great crafty ideas from Your OSHC to get the kids involved and having fun!  A bouquet of flowers that don’t dry up with […]

OSHC Explained: Out of Hours School Care

What is OSHC? OSHC stands for Outside School Hours Care. An OSHC service provides education and care for primary school-age children (generally 5 to 12 years) outside school hours and during holidays. At Camp Australia, we cover Before School Care (BSC), After School Care (ASC) and Vacation Care (Rocketeers). What’s good about Your OSHC? [Your […]

OSHC Hub Supports School Community Demand

With an increase in demand for before and after school care over the last couple of years, the Out of School Hours Care Hub Program was developed by the NSW Government to meet the needs of families. The custom-designed buildings cater for before and after school care in convenient locations. Camp Australia is proudly involved in the […]

How to Boost Your Child’s Sense of Belonging in Primary School

Thinking back to when you were in primary school, was there ever a time when you felt that you didn’t belong? That dreaded feeling when you walked into the school gate hoping that the day will be better than the day before. As a parent, you want your child to fit in. You want them […]

Educator Highlight with Colleen from Yarrawarrah Public School

Colleen’s career as an educator spans over 32 years and we are both proud and fortunate to have her as part of the Camp Australia team. Colleen leads a team of educators at Yarrawarrah Public School, dedicated to the 100 children attending before and after school care each week and was once awarded with an […]

Educator Highlight with Kelly from Preston North East Primary School

Kelly is our dedicated coordinator at Preston North East Primary School in Victoria. She’s been with Camp Australia for over 18 months and within this time, has been promoted to manage her own Outside School Hours Care service. Read on to learn more about Kelly and what her role means from both personal and professional […]

Service Spotlight: Outside School Hours Care at Montmorency Primary School

We caught up with Etta, our experienced educator who manages our Outside School Hours Care service at Montmorency Primary School in Victoria. Activities Children Enjoy in Before and After School Care During the school term, there are between 25-50 children attending Outside School Hours Care. Rocketeers is also running during the school holidays and there […]