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Updated Nutritional Food Options at Camp Australia

Enhanced Menu Your OSHC | Camp Australia

Based on the ongoing feedback from families through Camp Australia’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, there has been a demand for more nutritional food options and the improvement in the quality of food served in services. Whether your children are participating in our Rocketeers Vacation Care program or our Your OSHC Before and After School Care, you can be sure they will eat well at Camp Australia.

Creating fresh, healthy food for kids is our priority, so in response to this outcome, Camp Australia has undergone a major menu enhancement, working with nutritionist Claire Bucek to create 50 new recipes, along with the addition of more fresh ingredients such as butter, garlic and herbs.

Catering to different dietary needs of the children in services, there are tasty and nutritional food options for vegetarians, as well as recipes that are gluten and egg-free, whilst all of the current and new recipes are nut-free. Some of the new recipes created include Sweet Potato Pancakes, Vegetarian Penne Bolognaise, Simple Pan-Fried Bananas with Yoghurt, and Veggie Power Slice.

The service teams will also have access to tools that will enhance their ordering process, where each service can tailor the ingredients as per their weekly program or the number of children in attendance, to better utilise their resources and reduce food wastage. Allowing the team to create delicious, healthy food menus for all kids participating in that week’s events.

One of the key benefits for service Coordinators will be getting their ingredients delivered through the Woolworths at Work program, where they will be able to place their order online and have them delivered straight to their service, which will streamline the process for more efficiency.

There will be training workshops provided for all teams to fully utilise and access this new process, with plans to integrate the inclusion of the new menu into Camp Australia’s framework.

Camp Australia is confident that this new change will benefit both services and families by offering high quality nutritional food and consistent menu options for children, whilst leading a change in the industry by promoting healthier eating habits and improved menu offerings.

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