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Harmony Day

Activities - 16 March 2023

Harmony Day

Harmony Week is where “everyone belongs”. It’s a celebration that recognises our diversity and brings Australians from different backgrounds together. It’s also about raising awareness and encouraging inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for all. You often wear ‘orange’ on Harmony Day (or throughout Harmony week) to show your support.

At Camp Australia, we recognise the importance of Harmony Week and dedicate Your OSHC days to educate and engage children about what it means to “belong” and discuss different backgrounds, communities and cultures.

Here are some ways our children at OSHC have shown their support for Harmony Week. They have taken part in Harmony Week activities and created Harmony Day art.

Holy Name PS – Harmony Day Art harmony1.jpg

St John’s Lutheran – Harmony Day Art harmony2.jpg

St John’s Lutheran School – Harmony Week Activities harmony4.jpg

Clayton North Primary School – Harmony Day Art harmony5.jpeg

Yarrawarrah Public School – Harmony Day Activities


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