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OSHC Explained: Out of Hours School Care

Blog - 17 January 2023

OSHC Explained: Out of Hours School Care

What is OSHC?

OSHC stands for Outside School Hours Care. An OSHC service provides education and care for primary school-age children (generally 5 to 12 years) outside school hours and during holidays. At Camp Australia, we cover Before School Care (BSC), After School Care (ASC) and Vacation Care (Rocketeers).

What’s good about Your OSHC?

[Your OSHC]( provides flexibility that families love. It’s there how and when you need it. From Before School Care that starts early in the morning to After School care that goes into the evening, we also have our [Rocketeers]( school holiday programs that run all day. It’s easy, hassle-free, and tailored to work around your life schedule.

We also provide care on Pupil Free Days, where your child will experience a full day of varied and tailored activities whilst having fun, learning, and building confidence.

What’s involved in Your OSHC?

Every experience at Your OSHC (and Rocketeers) is tailored to the unique children in our service. This means providing enriching and tailored programs to support positive learning experiences that are supported by frameworks, such as My Time Our Place and The National Quality Standards, and the CA Way with a structured approach to bringing programs to life.

In every session, children will have the choice between various experiences, including sports, construction, art and craft, homework, mindfulness, and games. And during each term in Your OSHC, we also have at least one ‘feature week’ like National Science Week, National Recycling Week or Your Creative Kids Art Week and more.

What food is there at Your OSHC?

We provide delicious, nutritious breakfast, and tasty afternoon snacks to fuel young minds. We cater to the likes and needs (dietary, religious, and other) of the children in our service, and every menu is different.

We’re also passionate about cooking, ensuring that, where possible, we try to incorporate at least 2 cooking experiences in our programs every week.

What will a typical day at Your OSHC look like?

A typical day will involve the service Coordinator and their team of educators holding showcase activities to engage the children. This could include a cooking activity where children make vegemite scrolls or apple muffins; a sporting activity where everybody gets together for a game of hockey or soccer; mindfulness activities like yoga and meditation and more.

If your child wants to do a range of varied activities in one session, we always have our ‘experiences zones’ set up, so they have the choice and the freedom to do as they want. This can be anything from board games, art and craft, construction zone, to outdoor play, performing arts and more.

Apply Child Care Subsidy (CCS) and save

You can reduce the cost of care with the [Child Care Subsidy (CCS)]( for eligible families. To find out if you are eligible, simply log into MyGov and complete your Child Care Subsidy Assessment.

For more information on Your OSHC, head to our FAQ page.

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