We tailor our OSHC programs to your school.

At Camp Australia, we recognise that children need a different experience in term time, to the experience they have on their holidays. When you partner with Camp Australia, you’re partnering with the best Before and After School programmers in Your OSHC service, and the extraordinary holiday adventures in Rocketeers.

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Safety and Security first

Safety and Security of the children and their families is at the forefront of every decision we make.

Our industry leading experience has helped us to develop child-safe policies supported by state-of-the-art technology to ensure that all children are safe and protected whilst in our care at your school.

Our unique safety supervision service is called VSHAPE which means the children are always in Vision, Scanned for visibility, Headcounts every 15 minutes, Anticipated children’s movements, Positioning to ensure complete vision, and Engagement with the children at all times. Adding to our commitment to safety is our secure app system called One Child, which allows parents to sign children in and out of the service in a safe and compliant way.

Child-led experiences

Our service programs are child-led, extend their learning and encourage curiosity.

We offer enriching and engaging activities for children of all abilities, cultures and interests. From skills they will use forever to experiences they can only experience at Your OSHC and Rocketeers, our programs are for every child, every day.

Investment into your school

We commit to investing back into your school.

From playgrounds to kitchens or resources, Camp Australia assesses your OSHC needs and fulfils them to ensure the service is always top quality.

Dedicated team

At the heart of Camp Australia are our industry leading team to guide, engage and care for the children at your school.

Each of our educators bring their own particular skills or passions that they can draw upon to provide stimulating and enriching experiences through the program they implement in service.

Your dedicated in-service team is supported by a team of specialists so they can spend more time with the children than any other provider.

They have access to more than 75+ hours of specialist training, including our own proprietary courses within our Professional Development Training curriculum that aims to continuously advance the knowledge of our team. From psychology to inclusion, from specific additional needs through to trauma, our staff are some of the most highly trained in the OSHC sector.

Dedicated support

With the best parent booking app in the industry, parents can book for all sessions of care, including holidays.

Along with easy account management, we offer a parent app like no other. Along with a local and global Call Centre that is open from 5am to 9pm, parents and caregivers can call and manage their accounts with no stress.

Tailored parent and licence fees

We tailor our parent fees and licence fees to your school to offer competitive returns for your school, whilst providing affordable care for families.

Integrated experience

Partnerships & Community is important to Camp Australia which is why Your OSHC team work to be a part of your school and community.

OSHC is the bridge between home and school and we view this responsibility as one to be continually nurtured. From organising staff at school events at no extra cost to the school, to sponsoring events or allocate - Camp Australia is always willing to step up and be a partner with the schools we service.