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Your guide to the Service NSW $500 BASC vouchers for families

News - 12 December 2022

Your guide to the Service NSW $500 BASC vouchers for families

Following the success of the new initiative back in February, the NSW Government has again released the Before and After School Care (BASC) Voucher Program to give all families access to a $500 voucher per child that can be used to cover the cost of Before School Care, After School Care and Vacation Care.

Families can claim their voucher via the Service NSW app, or by visiting the BASC Voucher page on their website. The vouchers must be redeemed by 31 January 2023 but can be used for services up to 30 June 2023.

The exciting news for Camp Australia families is that you're eligible to use this on all Your OSHC and Rocketeers services (in NSW only). If you're claiming CCS, the voucher works to bring your costs further down, as it only discounts the gap fee. And, if you have a child going into kindergarten in 2023, you can also download their voucher and redeem it by 31 January 2023.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to have your child experience more engaging and tailored activities with no extra cost to you! It aims to support children getting quality before and after school care, as well as relieving financial pressure for parents and giving them the flexibility they need around work commitments.

Read on for a handy list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is eligible to claim the BASC Vouchers?
All families with a child (aged 4 to 13 years) enrolled in an OSHC service in New South Wales. If you’re not already registered, it’s not too late! You can register via our website and make a booking today, or simply download our app (App Store or Google Play).

What services can the BASC Vouchers be used for?
The vouchers can be used to cover the cost of your parent gap fee for Your OSHC (Before and After School Care) and Rocketeers (Vacation Care) sessions.

How do I claim and redeem my voucher/s?
You can claim your eligible voucher from Service NSW by 31 January 2023. You can do this via the Service NSW app, or by following the verification steps on the Service NSW website. Eligible Camp Australia families will be sent instructions on how to claim their vouchers. Once you have claimed yours, you’ll need to redeem your voucher with Camp Australia (or a participating Before and After School Care service) by 31 January 2023.

What happens if I haven’t used all $500 of the voucher by 30 June 2023?
Any remaining credit will expire after 30 June 2023 and will be repaid to Service NSW on 1 July 2023.

How Can I see the balance of my voucher/s?
You’ll be able to see the balance in your statements. Alternatively, you can call our Customer Care Team on 1300 105 343 or e-mail, between 5am and 9pm AEST, 7 days a week (excluding National Public Holidays).

What time period can the vouchers be used for?
Vouchers can be used to cover out-of-pocket costs between 5 December 2022 and 30 June 2023.

Can I claim the voucher with multiple OSHC providers?
No, you can only claim it with one OSHC provider.

Can I access the voucher without doing it through the internet? You can apply for your voucher at a local Service NSW Centre or Mobile Service Centre. If you’re successful in your application, you’ll be able to print your voucher there. Once you have your voucher, simply follow the instructions above to redeem it with Camp Australia services.

How does this work between separated parents?
As per the Education NSW website: “Only one voucher can be issued for each child. This means that the first parent to apply for the voucher is the parent who will be issued the voucher for that child, and we encourage parents to come to an agreement in relation to how to use the voucher in their circumstances.”

Where can I go for more information?
For any questions, reach out to the Department of Education’s BASC team at or on 1300 244 145.

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