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Inspiring Creativity: Art Activities for Kids

Blog - 03 September 2021

Inspiring Creativity: Art Activities for Kids

Art activities are enjoyed by children of all ages. And getting creative at home allows children to explore their creative and innovative talents. We’ll explore the many benefits of art and outline some fun ways on how to get creative with basic items that you probably already have at home.

Benefits of Art

Art allows children to be a little creative.

Children enjoy thinking outside the square to make their masterpiece unique. There’s that sense of accomplishment when you’re able to exercise your own energy into a piece that you can call your very own!

Using different materials, including recyclables, gives children that extra reason to get as creative as they desire when engrossed in art play activities.

Art teaches children how to problem solve

Being able to problem solve is a skill that is important throughout life. The earlier a child learns how to navigate and solve problems, the easier challenges will be to overcome. Art enhances problem-solving skills - starting with a blank canvas with an art activity seems more exciting than daunting. Art gives children the confidence to try new things and become flexible in their thinking process.

Children can express themselves with art

Drawing from inspiration and life experiences, children are able to express themselves with (and through) art. Self-expression can be taken to a new level and art gives children that creative freedom to just be themselves.

Being able to express yourself through art is liberating and children gain confidence to think deeply and plan how they would like to express their emotions, in ways when they can’t quite yet articulate in their own words.

Art helps children to connect with others

Art activities at before and after school care enable children in different year levels to connect with each other. Art brings people with different interests together and facilitates them to work alongside one another on mutual art activities. The benefits of drawing and working with different kids on paper activities include brainstorming of ideas.

School Holiday Ideas and Art Activities at Home for Kids

art and craft at home

Art is designed for children of all ages. Do you remember the regular artwork that your child would proudly bring home from kindergarten? You would display it on the fridge and your child would be chuffed it was there for everyone to admire. As time went by, you would notice the increased level of detail in each drawing and in each painting activity your child produced.

From a very young age, art has been a part of your child’s life. Creating art continues throughout the primary school years, from Prep through to Year 6 and beyond.

How Adults can Promote and Inspire Creativity with Art Activities for Kids

inspiring creativity

The benefits of art also extend to adults! Being involved with your child’s activities creates a stronger bond, and there are many ways to enjoy art together. If your child is stuck for ideas on what to draw, paint or create, ask them questions that will get their minds thinking a little deeper. For example, you could ask them “If you were to fly, where would you go?”

Ask your child questions about their masterpiece, for example, tell me about this part of your drawing. And ask them to ask questions about your drawing too! This will give them the encouragement to take their creativity to the next level.

Get creative too - start drawing, building and moulding with your kids. Bonding over art is so important and we’ve created a Creative Art and Craft guide that you could work on together at home, whether you’re in lockdown or would like to enjoy art on weekends.

And remember, keep collecting recycled materials at home so you can work on some art activities. Children love to make houses and build cars from boxes. Creating art with recycled materials gives children the freedom to think outside the box and put their thoughts into something creatively exciting! Here’s our downloadable Don’t Bin it, Begin it! guide.

Art does not discriminate – there are varying skill levels required to create artwork and in Outside School Hours Care, children are given the opportunity to build on their skills. Now that you’ve heard all about the benefits of art and how to get involved with your child’s art activities at home, it’s time to build a special bond over art that the whole family can enjoy.

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