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Over 40 Activities to Keep Kids Entertained on the School Holidays

Blog - 22 December 2021

Over 40 Activities to Keep Kids Entertained on the School Holidays

The school holidays are built for fun, and keeping your child entertained can sometimes be a challenge. Children LOVE to keep busy, and they like variety, right?

So, let us show you some of the activities that will entertain even the busiest child. We’ve created The Mega Holiday Activity Book, with over 40 fun activities that can be easily done at home.

The activities are grouped into categories, so whether your child likes art and craft, mindfulness activities, upcycling or games, we’ve got some options for them! There is something for everyone and will fill your days, so your child is challenged and satisfied during the school holidays.

Art and Craft Activities

Everyone LOVES getting creative, and the school holidays are the perfect way to try something different. There are plenty of art and craft activities to keep you going for the whole holidays!

  • Icypole Stick Harmonica
  • Paper Quilling
  • Shadow Drawing
  • Scented Playdough
  • Build a Safe Place
  • Words to Live By Poster
  • The Softness Project
  • Making Stress Balls
  • Mini Guitar
  • Make a Sundial
  • Be the household chef for today’s lunch!
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Build your own board game
  • Paper Plane Races
  • Painting using yarn
  • Clay modelling
  • Collage Art Project using bleeding tissue paper

Download The Mega Holiday Activity Book for art and craft activities.

Mindfulness Activities

The holidays are also meant for unwinding and relaxing…so, what are you waiting for? Give these mindfulness activities a try these school holidays:

  • Homemade Kinetic Sand
  • Positive Words
  • Creating Stones
  • Controlled Breathing Waves
  • Boding Tracing Affirmations
  • What’s in your heart
  • Painting with different objects
  • The Mindful Jar

Download The Mega Holiday Activity Book for art and mindfulness activities.

Upcycling Activities

Upcycling is not only beneficial for the world around us but gives that sense of satisfaction when you get to use something that would otherwise be thrown out in the bin. Upcycling is the ultimate creative outlet, so gather some supplies and enjoy the following upcycling activities.

  • Functional Herb Garden Display
  • Newspaper Hats
  • Recycled Felt Pen Painting
  • Recycled Robot
  • Tic Tac Toe in 3D
  • Jar Lid Memory Game
  • Paper Roll Flowers
  • Paper Towel Seed Germination
  • Turn a bottle into a miniature rainforest
  • Magazine and Newspaper Flower Garden
  • Hold a fashion show!

Download The Mega Holiday Activity Book for upcycling activities.


Move over screens, it’s time to create some inventive games that will get the whole family involved! Check these fun games out:

  • Ribbon of sound
  • Strike a pose
  • Safari
  • Coin Game
  • Hopscotch
  • Bean Bag Toss

Download The Mega Holiday Activity Book for game ideas.

Happy holidays! With so many activities to select from, the question will be – where to start? Remember you can also join in the fun at Rocketeers, where there’s over 300 showcase experiences in our school holiday programs:

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